Pheare Review!!!! Movie: Fright Night

ALRIGHTY…I’ve decided to take this reviewing thing seriously.  So, NO MORE LATE REVIEWS!!!  Fright Night (The 30 thousandth remake of the year…:/) came out  August 19th…I’m just getting home from the show.  (I’m on the ball!)


I actually left the theater feeling like that two hours of my life was well spent.  The movie did have it’s down moments…not as many as you would expect though.  The remake is still pretty much to the letter of the original story line.  Craig Gillespie (Director) must’ve watched it’s predecessor a zillion times and took excellent notes on what could’ve made this movie much better and actually put those ideas to work!  Not going to tell you the movie because let’s face it if you like horror at all you’ve scene the original Fright Night.  (It’s a classic!) And if you haven’t then this movie will just be a fun date night film for you to cuddle next to your main squeeze.  It’s rampant with great special effects and a performance from Anton Yelchin (playing the lead teenager Charley) that was essential to this film being a winner in my book.  There is a moment when Charley is attempting to rescue a young lady trapped in “Jerry” (played by Colin Farrell) the vampire’s house that sold me on this kid.  The boy literally had tears in his eyes he was so afraid!

And Colin Farrell…not a huge fan of his but (NOT BAD!!)  I’m actually giving him a thumb and a half for his vampiritical performance.  I wouldn’t have chose him for the role, but, what do I know.  I’m a writer…not a director or casting agent.  (I wouldn’t have chosen Heath Ledger as the Joker for the Dark Knight….we see how wrong I was on that one.)  This was NO Ledger performance, however, it did win Farrell some brownie points with Pheare…

NOW TO TURN MY SMILE UPSIDE DOWN…I wasn’t crazy about Christopher Mintz-Plasse (playing Charley’s ex-bestfriend Evil Ed).  I know this role was supposed to be the comedic relief in this film…but my petpeeve is for a horror film to become silly.  This role served it’s purpose in the beginning but by Evil Ed’s final scene I wasn’t pleased at all.  The only comedic relief that would’ve been necessary for this film was David Tennant’s Peter Vincent.  The role was hilarious and perfectly positioned throughout the film.  I was looking forward to seeing “McLovin” in this film…the performance was SuperBad in my book.  (No pun intended).

Pheare is giving this one a thumb and a half…Farrell bit the other half off.  Like I said before go see it and have your own opinion.


Pheare Review!!! Movie: Let Me In

I know, I know this movie came out last year.  I’ve had quite a bit of down time for the last few weeks.  Recently, I googled a list of horror movies coming out in 2011 and being an avid movie goer I needed to make sure this year I won’t miss a beat.  To my disappointment I’m already behind…:(

(So more Late Reviews to come…smh)

Nevertheless, I decided to take a look at all horror films that came out in 2010.  To my surprise I’d only missed out on a few! 🙂  Let me In was one of them…So here we go!

Let me begin by saying, I AM SICK TO DEATH OF VAMPIRE MOVIES!  I know they are all the craze right now, but, COME ON!!! How many ways can you write this stuff!  (Sorry…I loose focus sometimes so bare with me.)

Although, I’m definitely OVER the vamp phenomina sweeping the nation…this movie definitely gets Pheare’s two thumbs up.  I’m sure alot of you have seen this film, but, for those who haven’t.  The story is about a young boy named Owen that’s for all intents and purposes a nerd…definitely what I like to call a bully target.  He meets this odd little girl named Abby that lives next door to him in his apartment complex…turns out she’s “vampirictical”.  I definitely dislike reviews that tell the whole story so I will stop here.

My thoughts:

This little girl scared the HELL out of me.  The special effects and make up on this kid ROCKED!  The characters had lots of texture…I loved the story line between Abby and Owen.  Lately, there has been a lot of young love going on in movies.  I forgot how intense young love really is!!! We are much more open to endless possiblities when we are young including love.  Life sours our inhibitions and we become old, stale and bitter.  So, it’s almost refreshing to see these two falling for each other unconditionally.  It warmed even my old, stale and bitter heart.  Nonetheless, the adventure ends with a bang and open ending definitely setting this storyline up for a sequel.  Although, I dislike sequels as much as I dislike vampire movies I wouldn’t be let down to see Let Me In (Two) hit the silver screen again.

Movie Review: Insidious

I saw Insidious the other night with high expectations. The story begins with a family: Dad, mom, eldest son, a middle son, and an infant daughter. The middle son wants to be a super hero and thus is the more adventurous child. He has a little accident one night causing him to bump his head, however, he seemed fine to his parents that night. The next morning he is unresponsive and in what doctors believe is a coma for the duration of the movie. That’s when the weirdness begins…

I liked the general scope and direction the movie took over all and some parts scared even me. However, once the plot thickens and you find out more about why things are happening to this family…well this is where I grew a little disappointed. The story lacked punch for me and although a lot of people seemed to like this movie. So don’t mind me and go see Insidious.

And you should expect more from this story line clearly left open for a sequel or possibly the beginning of another franchise.

R.I.P. A.S. (The Death of Alice Sanders)

Pheare has been in a catatonic state since receiving the news that her Grandmother Alice Sanders passed away January 15, 2011.  After crying for nine hours non-stop she was recorded saying, “I have no words.”  She’s been writing silently ever since.


The Cather House Site Administrator

The Second One

My sophomore effort has become an epic novel.  I’m at about 567 manuscript pages.  Now, I’m reflecting on what I was truly attempting to say in this work.  The thought that this book is too long has crossed my mind several times.  Writers have a hard time letting go of any parts of their stories.  It’s like cutting a child’s arm off and sending the one-armed kid back to their parent…the parent wouldn’t have that.  I won’t either.

Blood, Guts and Sex…Anything is Possible!!!

The creative mind is a placed that has rule over unchartered territory.  Readers and interviewers constantly ask, “Where do you come up with your ideas?  How do you think this stuff up?” 

A natural part of the life cycle is as an adult the filter that was opened to the idea that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” is permanently closed.  We as “adults” settle into our set values, morals and personal truths.  A good writer (I will use that term loosely seeing that there are countless duplicate books telling the exact same story with different characters by the “next best-selling author” on bookshelves these days) has no boundaries.  A good writer can create boundless images, multi-dimensional characters and take you to bizarre places with outlandish scenarios and make you believe that what you are reading could actually happen to you…the avid reader.

That is always my goal.  To give you a look into what we all believed “Once upon a time”…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. 

Having said all that; I’ve been reading some comments made on and reviewing my book.  I realize that NOT EVERYONE will like my book.  So this is my PSA to your PSA…If Str8 Laced is too much for your sensitive imagination…don’t talk others out of reading it.  You stick to your fluffy, my baby daddy cheated on me and left me with three kids, I found out my man is on the “down low”, etc books that float your boat.  Some people like a little blood, guts, and sex or in Str8 Lace’s case  A LOT.

Str8 Laced (Debut Novel) Excerpt

Chapter 1

“Who do you live your life for, Doctor Reynolds?”

The young woman who delivered this question occupied the couch Dr. Jocelyn Reynolds reserved for her patients. Jocelyn’s guest waited, patiently anticipating the view of the sun’s rise above the horizon, as Jocelyn stood in the doorway of her office.

“Doctor, you seem to have perfectly positioned yourself to witness the magnificent canvas of Chicago’s sunrise.”

Jocelyn directed her sight to her beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows on the east end of her office. Her desk was directly behind the patient couch on which her guest was neatly perched. The spectacular view from the ninth floor, overlooking Downtown Chicago, was what sold her on renting this particular office space. “Yes, it’s why I arrive to work so early. I hate to miss it.”

Jocelyn’s guest tilted her head slightly to the left. “I know, Doc. I know. You never miss it, except for last Thursday. Imagine my surprise when you didn’t arrive as I’d expected. I’d anticipated having this conversation last week. Not to worry, I assumed morning sickness must’ve gotten the best of you that day.” The stranger nodded toward Jocelyn’s bulging belly, evident of her eight-month pregnancy.

Jocelyn did not want to give the woman the satisfaction of knowing that her knowledge of Jocelyn’s comings and goings disturbed her. Jocelyn found herself searching for the best response. “I’m not sure we’ve met.”

The woman let out an intense sigh, relieving herself of her disappointment with Jocelyn’s response. She turned back toward the window. “Did you know that the sunrise is an optical illusion?”

“Yes, something about the atmosphere.”

“Not a fan of details are you, Doctor Reynolds?” The woman disapprovingly shook her head at Jocelyn’s answer. “Due to changes in the atmosphere the sun can appear to have risen when it is still hiding from us below the horizon. I, too, find great pleasure in watching the sun make a magnificent spectacle of itself. However, after observing you for quite some time, I find it odd, that in your profession, you would rather scathe the surface of things as opposed to digging deeper. Oddly enough, you are very accepting of what is. As a fellow scientist myself, I find it impossible not to delve deeper for answers to the simplest things. However, you, you’ve lost your tenacity. Does pregnancy suck all the ambition out of you? It’s the main reason I’ve steered clear of having any little crumb snatchers of my own.”

Jocelyn’s patience for her intruder was growing increasingly thin. She couldn’t help thinking of the audacity of this woman to break into her office with her bag of insults. Her guest smiled, exposing the pleasure rumbling inside her from getting the best of Jocelyn. “Aren’t you at all concerned with how your patients are affected by your laxness on the job? Could that be why little Rashawn was found with his wrists gaping open in his mother’s bathroom this past Tuesday night?”

Jocelyn took a few steps further into her office, surveying as she entered. Her normally locked, organized cabinets, filled with numerous business documents and patients’ files had been jimmied open, exposing all her paperwork, obviously rifled through prior to her arrival. Jocelyn futilely attempted to hide her uneasiness.

“Your patient files seem to be the only thing you’ve tended to.” The intruder focused intently on the Chicago skyline with a lucid gaze.

The office was dismal, and Jocelyn longed for an ounce of light that could possibly illuminate this woman’s face. It was 6:30 a.m. During Chicago’s winter, the sun didn’t rise until just before 7:00 a.m. Jocelyn liked to arrive at her office early, beating Elsa, to prepare her agenda for the day. Although this would normally be a task for her administrative assistant, Jocelyn liked to have a general outline prepared for Elsa once she arrived at the office. Elsa, Jocelyn’s assistant of more than three years, was used to her boss’s idiosyncrasy. In addition to her early arrivals, Jocelyn never allowed Elsa to schedule patients before 10:00 a.m., allowing the doctor time to do leftover paperwork from the previous day. Elsa would never be as careless as to defy Jocelyn’s strictly imposed rule; so the mere presence of this woman in Jocelyn’s office, uninvited, made her feel unsettled. Jocelyn suddenly felt very alone with this woman, and she knew her vulnerability was beginning to show against her will.

Jocelyn learned quickly during her young practice that once a psychiatrist’s patient sensed any weakness, the patient would do all he or she could to expose it. Most therapists believed the patient did this to distract the therapist from the patient’s problems. The therapist must remain in control of the session, no matter what the patient throws at her, without reacting to any of the patient’s antics. Jocelyn focused her practice on children. They were able to break through barriers more easily than adults, although some of her patients could prove to be quite a challenge. Jocelyn would place these children in her observation room with a parent. The room contained many objects for the children to react to, which allowed Jocelyn to take behavioral notes from the other side of a two-way mirror. This time in the observation room allowed the children to regroup from their outbursts, and it was a prime opportunity for Jocelyn to observe the children’s behavior with the parents. To a child’s untrained eye, the adult had to seem in control. Jocelyn found that adults needed the same security with their doctors, to know that the person they’ve entrusted their care to was in control. Although this mysterious woman, clearly in need of help, was an unscheduled non-patient, any fumble on Jocelyn’s part would cause the woman not to trust her. Jocelyn kept all of her initial assessments of the woman in mind as she took her seat across from the “patient,” placing her bags on the floor next to her chair, maintaining the appearance of a scheduled appointment.

“So, Doctor, what would be the answer to my question?” The woman’s words were slow and incisive.

“I’m sure you didn’t come to my office to pry into my boring life,” Jocelyn responded, still pretending not to be unnerved by this eerie presence. Her guest’s clothing was dirty and tattered. The tank top, once white, now a dingy gray, matched her worn gray velour sweat pants. The woman reeked of must, solidifying Jocelyn’s theory—she was homeless. However, both the sweats and the shirt boasted the designer label, “Bebe,” leading the doctor to also conclude that the woman was not poor or homeless until recently. The patient’s jet-black hair fell sloppily out of a ponytail, crowning her face and making her sweaty brown skin glisten. Although her face was hidden by a shadow created by a bookshelf that blocked the slowly rising sun, Jocelyn had the feeling that the woman was very attractive, despite her current circumstances.

The new patient must’ve caught on to Jocelyn’s attempt to assess her face. Without warning, she turned her head abruptly. Jocelyn jumped further back in her seat and grabbed her stomach for the first time. The visitor’s eyes traveled to the spot Jocelyn had grabbed.

“Is it safe to assume that your heart continues to pulsate for your unborn child, Doctor?”

“I would say that there are a number of things that I live my life for. But I’m not the important one here right now, as I’ve said before. The question I think we should start this session with is: what brings you here?” Jocelyn tried, again, to get a clearer view of the blank face before her as she unfastened her pink blazer, revealing a pink maternity sweater and matching skirt.

“Session?” The woman seemed taken aback by the term. “Did I accept your treeatt meent, Doc-tor?”

Jocelyn hated the way the woman overly pronounced and clung to her words. “I would like to be upfront and apologize for any misunderstanding, but to get straight to the point, I’m a child psychiatrist. If I could get a clear understanding of your needs, I would be happy to recommend you to one of my colleagues. I’ve found that therapy is not like going to see your general practitioner for the flu or a chronic nosebleed. When one seeks a therapist, it’s because she or someone around her recognizes the need for a professional ear to her situation. Maybe the reason why you’re here will take some time to unfold. A better suited question to start may be: what is your name?”

“McClaine Ethel Henry.”

“Nice to meet you, McClaine.”

“Likewise, Doctor.”

“I wasn’t expecting ‘Ethel’ after ‘McClaine.’”

McClaine seemed offended by the doctor’s reference to her middle name. She leaned forward toward her knees, anticipating the moment that Jocelyn would further piss her off. “Why would you say that?” This was the first moment, since Jocelyn walked into her office, that she’d gotten a good look at McClaine’s face. Jocelyn felt a sense of validation, confirming that McClaine was indeed attractive.

Jocelyn remained stationary. “Well, the name Ethel is from a time period long before the both of us; wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps, you were bestowed that name in honor of an elder in your family?”

“Great observation, Doc’, and good save, by the way. That one almost cost you,” McClaine sneered, making it clear that Jocelyn should be wary of any further careless comments.

“Cost me what?” Jocelyn asked sternly, yet treading lightly with her tone and impending attitude.

“More than you know, Doctor,” McClaine responded, marking the end of that line of questioning. Jocelyn knew not to pursue the conversation any further. “Ticktock, Doctor. Ticktock,” McClaine sang, noting that the rise of the sun would denote the end of their session.

“Are you in some sort of hurry?” Jocelyn was becoming increasingly aggravated; however, she tried to remain calm. McClaine remained still and silent. The two women had clearly entered into some sort of unspoken sparring match. “Is there anything in your life that we could tackle today?” Jocelyn continued in her most stern tone.

“Well, I have to admit, I have been sad lately.”


“I just left my husband of six years.”

“Wow. That’s understandable. Was he abusive?”

“Why does everyone just assume it was abuse? Or that he was the one being abusive?” McClaine tilted her head slightly to punctuate the question.

“I apologize.” Jocelyn continued, “Why did you leave him then?”

“He found out about my affairs. I’ve been taking trips with my lovers. I lied to him. I said they were business trips. He found my souvenirs … let’s just say, he wasn’t happy. But I think that will be enough about me, Doc’.”

Jocelyn pushed, “Well, would you like to talk about something else?”

“I’ve told you several times, I’m not the reason I’m here today,” McClaine snapped.

“Surely, I couldn’t be the reason.”

“Actually, Doc’, you are precisely the reason for my visit today.” McClaine tilted her head to her left again. “I have another question that I’ve been dying to have you answer since I’ve laid eyes on you.”

Jocelyn shifted in her seat with an uneasy hesitation. “What question would that be, McClaine?”

“Is pregnant pussy wetter? I’m a hands-on type of person; so, I was wondering if you would be so kind to let me taste test yours. You know, strictly to squash the myth, if you will.”

Jocelyn popped up from her seat. “Excuse me! You are extremely out of line! And I would like you to lea—” Suddenly, Jocelyn felt the presence of someone behind her. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

McClaine diverted her attention to the new guest. “I was wondering when you would step in.” A towel suddenly covered Jocelyn’s mouth. Her vision was blurred, but she could still vaguely see McClaine’s distorted silhouette. A few seconds passed, and all went black.